life update: Berlin

Hi all! Most of you who read this blog are my dear friends and family in real life, so I thought I’d let you all know what’s going on with me as far as future plans are concerned.

Over the past year or so, God has been placing ministry on my heart again. After doing my internship with ReachGlobal almost 4 years ago, I didn’t really feel a draw to return to ministry. I’m growing to understand that the Lord removed that desire in me during this time so that I could focus on my degree. But this past year, my heart started to feel that desire to be in ministry to others again, that desire to fight for and with those who are exploited. I started hearing other people’s ministry stories and feeling overwhelmed with excitement and this draw to be involved again. The Lord started really pressing on my heart the need to follow and trust him in this.

With all of this, God has place Germany on my heart. I am German, I have a German father, and I have grown up surround by the German culture in some respects. But I’ve never been to Germany. On top of all of that, I am extremely passionate about refugees and victims/survivors of human trafficking. Berlin is a spot where many in those two populations are located. So I began to look into options to go to Germany for a while. I came across an organization called Apex, which is through the Evangelical Free Church and offers ministry trips of different time lengths.

Soooo….. after completing my degree this April, I will be pursuing a ministry trip to Berlin this summer! I’ve been accepted as an Apex Individual to go on a 6-week trip to Berlin and work in the city with the full-time team that’s already there. This trip will serve somewhat as a vision trip for me so that I can see if Germany would be a good fit for me to be on a longer term scale in the not-too-distant future.

Prayer/ Challenge: I am incredibly excited about this opportunity in my life, and would love to chat further with anyone looking for more details. I am also looking for people to partner with me in this trip moving forward, both in prayer and financially. You can find more information HERE! Please consider praying about this with me!