Day 5: Time with Family

Today was fun. I started today early, getting up way before the sun to work out with my aunt. I love doing this, because I learn so much from her about good technique and different weight routines that I can go through. Then I went some of my family to Heritage Park. For my friends outside of Calgary area, Heritage Park is basically an old town that’s been preserved. You can walk around in the old houses, and the printing press, the bakery, church, school house…etc. And often there are actors walking around in full garb that are fun to interact with as well. At Christmas time, it can be an extra special place to walk around in, because it fits with some of the tradition connected with Christmas. Anyway, we got to walk around, do a scavenger hunt, sing some carols, and make Christmasy crafts. I loved being able to see it through the eyes of the little ones in my family. It’s so special to have little hands to hold while you’re exploring, and hear voices asking “Anna, can you pick me up, so I can see?” Those hugs are the best in the world. And I ended the day with a hug from my sister. It’s days like this that I am so incredibly thankful for the family that I have, especially in light of losing a very special member of my family in the states. I am so blessed to live so close to some of my family, and be able to skype with my parents and other sisters that I do live far from.

What does family time look like for you? Do you have family Christmas traditions?

Prayer/Challenge: Spend time with your family. My mom used to always tell us that we have our sisters for life, we might as well be best friends. 🙂 Also, pray for your family. I know that everyone struggles with some very real and hard things. Everybody’s got something that they’re working through. So I challenge you to pray for them, fight for them in this way!


Everyday during the month of December, I am wearing a dress to raise money and support for the fight against exploitation and trafficking. Please consider donating and getting more information here. 


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