Day 4: Christmas Baking

While I’m going to University, I live with my German grandparents. This is an amazing blessing, to have that support system. One of the things that I love about this is the way that I get to bake with my Oma, especially around Christmas time. My grandma usually starts baking during the first week of November to prepare for Christmas. By the time that we’re done baking for the season, there are literally hundreds of cookies in the stash. It’s so much fun to learn from her and spend the time baking. Today was one of those days. We chat and bake and listen to Christmas carols.

I have so many memories growing up going over to my grandparents to bake/cook with my Oma. Each of my sisters and I used to take turns going over to my grandparents to spend the morning with my grandma baking, playing games, and doing crafts. I have one distinct memory of me sitting in my living room waiting for what seemed like forever to get to go spend the morning with Oma. I probably asked my dad every 2 minutes if it was time to go… yeah I was that kid. 🙂 I am so grateful for those memories and for the chance to be able to bake with her this year again.

What are your Christmas traditions? Do you bake with your family? What is your favorite Christmas cookie?


Everyday during the month of December, I am wearing a dress to raise money and support for the fight against exploitation and trafficking. Please consider donating and getting more information here. 


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