Day 1: dressember

Hello. (Anyone else completely incapable of reading that word without hearing Adelle’s voice singing it in the background?)


Anyway… It’s that time again! It’s DRESSEMBER time! That means that I will be posting a picture of me and members of the awesome team here in Calgary that I’m a part of to raise awareness and support for International Justice Mission and A21. The links to donate, and get more information on these organizations are at the end of this post. Please consider donating and helping me reach my goal this month to help fight against exploitation. I’m proud to be a part of a team of people who are passionate about this cause and in support of each other in this month. Donate here.

Also, I’m going to do my best to blog every day in December, partly to be accountable to everyone in my life that I am actually wearing a dress everyday, and partly because I miss writing like this, and would like to start again.

Prayer: As Advent starts and the Christmas season starts, please remember those in our communities who are living in a reality without freedom. IJM and A21 have been working hard to be advocates for those who are exploited and have succeeded in saving many from such a life. Please join me in fighting for these precious people by praying for them, and donating if you are able. 


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