Dressember Days 2-4

Well… I’m horrible at making sure that I’m on time with these pictures for Dressember. So here are the past couple of days.

IMG_1467 Day 2 IMG_0281 Day 3 IMG_0284 Day 4 (today)

This week has been absolutely crazy. And tomorrow is definitely the climax. I have two papers (one that’s huge and worth a tone of my grade) an exam and several potential students coming that I need to show around the school. For some reason I don’t remember last year being this bad. 🙂 I’m running on about 4-5 hours a night. I keep telling my body that I can make it, and then I can sleep. I know that I’m not unique, I’m just telling the story of the typical university student right now.

But! I love my drives home now, because one by one the houses and businesses are being lit with such amazing lights and decorations. I’m so excited about Christmas this year! I’ve been listening to some great music in my car, on the train, and overall when I’m working. I’ve been given a couple of albums that I’m loving! The new Pentatonix album, the Celtic Woman Christmas CD. I was talking to my sister a couple of days about the music on all of the radio stations right now. It’s so cool, because the gospel is being sung on radio stations all over the world right now! This is the one time of year when something like that is ‘tolerated’ and I love it. People are hearing truth, instead of some of the junk that’s in some songs. How cool is that?!

Prayer: that as people all over the world hear these words, they would actually think about them. As they belt out the lyrics to ‘Silent Night,’ and ‘O Come O Come Emmanuel,’ they would realize that the amazing songs that they love are telling an incredible story of Christ’s birth, and seek out the rest of the story.


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