Highly Favored…

“I found a piece of scripture that says, ‘God found her highly favored’… I like that. I want God to think of me that way.”

I love the Skit Guys. Because they’re so funny, and yet, almost always, there’s a line or two that make me really stop and think.  The few times that I’ve been honored to be a part of a skit that’s written by them, it has been so meaningful to me. Because without fail, I die laughing, but there’s always a part that seems to be written right to me.

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve once again felt an extreme pressure to find the answers to what I’m doing with my life, what my future is going to look like, and what major I should be in to get there. And, true to form, my response has been to be incredibly stressed out about it, and hide from the responsibility. My escape has often been in the form of a book or a movie. This has been a trend throughout my life. These stories are my escape. My family can attest to the fact that when I read a book, I will completely shut off from the world around me. I don’t hear anything, or see anything. I truly become a character in the story that I’m reading.

When I avoid my problems like this, I feel really bad about myself. I feel like I don’t accomplish anything, and I’m being super lazy and unproductive. And the more I feel this way, the more I feel like giving up. I think I’ve lived a lot of life assuming that things will just figure themselves out. But life doesn’t work that way. And I’m learning that.

I know that I need to make sure that I’m filling my mind and life with truth, focusing on serving and following Christ. This skit hit me. I’ve read these words and identified with them before. But they once again hit me tonight. I want God to think that way of me. I want him to be proud of my choices. That should be my ultimate goal.


Dressember Days 2-4

Well… I’m horrible at making sure that I’m on time with these pictures for Dressember. So here are the past couple of days.

IMG_1467 Day 2 IMG_0281 Day 3 IMG_0284 Day 4 (today)

This week has been absolutely crazy. And tomorrow is definitely the climax. I have two papers (one that’s huge and worth a tone of my grade) an exam and several potential students coming that I need to show around the school. For some reason I don’t remember last year being this bad. 🙂 I’m running on about 4-5 hours a night. I keep telling my body that I can make it, and then I can sleep. I know that I’m not unique, I’m just telling the story of the typical university student right now.

But! I love my drives home now, because one by one the houses and businesses are being lit with such amazing lights and decorations. I’m so excited about Christmas this year! I’ve been listening to some great music in my car, on the train, and overall when I’m working. I’ve been given a couple of albums that I’m loving! The new Pentatonix album, the Celtic Woman Christmas CD. I was talking to my sister a couple of days about the music on all of the radio stations right now. It’s so cool, because the gospel is being sung on radio stations all over the world right now! This is the one time of year when something like that is ‘tolerated’ and I love it. People are hearing truth, instead of some of the junk that’s in some songs. How cool is that?!

Prayer: that as people all over the world hear these words, they would actually think about them. As they belt out the lyrics to ‘Silent Night,’ and ‘O Come O Come Emmanuel,’ they would realize that the amazing songs that they love are telling an incredible story of Christ’s birth, and seek out the rest of the story.

Advent, Dressember, and Craziness

Well hello again! 🙂 Some of you might be wondering why on earth I’m writing again, when I just wrote a post yesterday and my record before that has been a post every 2-3 months or so. But, I have some exciting things to share! So while I sit here watching a Christmas Celtic Thunder special with my grandfather, I’m going to share them with you all.

1. It’s officially the Advent season. Now, I love almost everything about the Christmas season, but the season of Advent is something that is super special to me. First and foremost because it puts so much into perspective as we celebrate Christ’s birth, and allows us to celebrate for much longer than the one day. But the Advent season has always held such amazing memories and meaning on a personal level. For as long as I can remember, Advent meant that my dad would go scavenging for evergreen branches in order to make a wreath that then sits in a prominent place in our living room with it’s four tall candles that get lit, counting down the weeks of December. I remember sitting together as a little girl with her family at least once a week, but often more than that, singing a mixture of English and German carols (yes, Silent Night was sung in German), and reading Christmas stories, including parts of THE Christmas story in the Bible. It was a time, when our little German candle fan would ring the bells merrily while it made the coolest shadows and patterns on the ceiling, and our Christmas tree was lit so beautifully. I love this time of year so much!

2. It’s DRESSEMBER! I’m super excited to take part in this amazing fundraiser this month. For those of you who don’t know what this means, I’ll include this link that explains all about the campaign, and why it’s important. https://support.dressemberfoundation.org/fundraise?fcid=379852 Basically, I will be wearing a dress everyday this month to raise awareness and support for International Justice Mission’s work fighting against human trafficking. I believe in IJM, the organization that is behind this campaign, because there are so many women out there who are trafficked and held against their will. Please take the time to check out this page, and if you can donate, that would be incredible. You can see my information there. I’m going to try my absolute hardest to update the page everyday with a picture of that day’s dress. I’m working currently with 3 or 4 dresses that I’m going to try to style different ways, so that should be interesting.


Day One! 🙂

Life is crazy right now. This week is technically the last week of classes, which means this is when everything is due. yay. And then start the finals. But only a few more weeks until it’s all over.

I’m so thankful for all of the encouragement that you all have poured into me these past couple of weeks.

Prayer: For all students as we finish off the semester. That we would finish strong, giving it everything we’ve got. 🙂

Right now…

“I just want to be what you want me to be. I just want a heart that’s true, a heart like you” : Heart Like You | Love & the Outcome

I just came from a concert that I got to go to with my sister, and I can’t describe how much I really needed to hear the words that I heard sung from that stage tonight. It’s amazing to me when you go to concerts and they’re all about the show, and showing off. And it makes SUCH a difference when the artists on stage are singing first and foremost because they love Christ and want to share His truth with others, and they love doing music with an audience. Tonight, I got to see a band that is made up of a young couple, who are so real and grounded. I think in the Christian music scene, there’s so much fluff out there, and it makes such a difference when there’s songs that are hard-hitting, and speak solid truth that encourages, and convicts and strengthens. I am so thankful that I was in that room tonight, because I really needed to hear the words, I needed the reminder.

“All by myself I fall to pieces
But You are strong when I am weakest
I feel Your kingdom come alive in me
My feet are bruised but they’ll follow where You lead

You are bigger than any battle I’m facing
You are better than anything I’ve been chasing
Savior and royalty, the only hope in me
Jesus, You are, You are
The King of my heart, heart
The King of my heart, heart”

I could elaborate a lot and talk all about the millions of things that I’ve been thinking, stressing, worrying and obsessing about and generally not handling it right. I’m not sure what my path is right now in life, I’m not sure if big change is coming soon, I don’t know what I’m going to end up doing career-wise… but it’s really not worth dwelling on. I need to worry about right now, and make sure that I’m following where Christ is leading. That’s it.

So, Jodi and Chris… if you ever read this, thank you. Thanks for coming to Calgary, and for speaking truth in your lyrics. Thank you for not following the mainstream fluff that usually fills the radio. Please continue to follow Christ even when it’s tough (as I know it has been). You’ve been super encouraging to me, and I know that many others felt the same tonight. I so appreciate you both and your music!

I’d strongly encourage anyone reading this to check out ‘Love & the Outcome.’ And really listen to the words. 🙂 http://www.loveandtheoutcome.com/about

Prayer: That I’d seek WHOLEHEARTEDLY after Christ and leave the rest up to him, trusting that He’s got it, and I don’t need all the answers right now.