Life is good…

Well… I’ve been here in Canada a month, and I can honestly say that this year has been going so much better than last year. Apparently my family thinks so too, because they keep commenting that I look happier. And that’s with the horrible rocky start that was my first week back. So… All that to say, I’m doing pretty good. I’m learning a lot about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and for the first time, I’ve maintained a somewhat regular exercise (does anyone else always spell that word wrong?) schedule for almost 6 weeks now. My next goal is to make sure that I’m making healthier eating choices. Baby steps. đŸ™‚

But, there are still some struggles. Like, I’m looking ahead at my semester, and because it had a bit of a slow start, I’m now in the middle of the first batch of midterms (yes, some of my classes have multiple), and I can already see myself becoming the procrastinating queen again. Not a goal in my life, but to completely honest, something that I actually have a hard time with. I’m having some success in having people check in with me, and I’ve also found that when I’m expected to do my work by someone in my family, I work harder at it… kinda strange.

Also, something that’s been great is getting to spend more time with my family up here in Calgary. God’s really been blessing me in that area, because it was something that had me nervous for a while. But I’ve been loving the fact that my schedule is way more flexible this year and I’m able to connect with family that I honestly haven’t known really well since I left Calgary when I was seven years old. Needless to say, this has been long overdue!

Anyway, happy October everybody!

Prayer: I would invite you guys to join me in trying to spend more time thanking God with a joyful heart. Even when some days are long, and some are difficult, we have so much to be thankful for and to enjoy.  Something I’m learning more and more is to look for the amazing around us. God’s handiwork is everywhere.

P.S. I’ve been actually feeling very Christmasy… And I’m about to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving next weekend. My sense of holidays is all out of wack!