T-3 days

I love Canada… I really do.

I need to remember this when I’m sitting in my dorm room,
trying to Skype one of my closest friends that I haven’t talked to in probably months and
I can’t because the weather that was balmy yesterday, decided to snow today and
mess up the Wi-Fi here. I need to remember that behind those huge gray clouds,
are the Rockies, my favorite part of God’s creation that I’ve seen in my life.
I need to remember all of the pain of the heat of my last summer in New Orleans
and Haiti and realize that I prefer the cold above everything else. I need to
remember that it was here in Calgary, that I was born and grew up. It’s here
that holds all of those amazing memories for me, along with a lot of the family
that are in those memories. I need to remember that I’m surrounded by people who
care about me, and even though I wouldn’t really call any of them, except for
my roommate, my best friend, I can’t complain.

I especially need to remember in these moments that I made
this choice, and I need to live with it. I need to take full responsibility of
the consequences of my choice.

I have one more exam: tomorrow. And having no Wi-Fi right now is super helpful in me being able to study… 🙂 I don’t even know if I’m going to be able to upload this today. Gotta love university problems.

Enough of that debby-downerness… 🙂

I’m almost done! “I know exactly where I’m goin, and I’m
getting closer and closer every day. Cause I’m almost there, I’m almost there.
People down here think I’m crazy, but I don’t care. Trials and tribulations, I’ve
had my share. There ain’t nothing gonna stop me now, cause I’m almost there.” Somehow
I feel like this song really fits. I’m almost home! Hang on USA, I’m less than
three days away from arriving!




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