Growing up…

Father, Heavenly Father, have I told you I loved you today? Have I told you I need you? Father, Heavenly Father, if I have not then I’m telling you now. I love you! I need you! I know I would be lost without your love. Father, you are my God, you are my God! Heavenly Father, be God again today. – Cheri Keaggy

I was talking today on skype today with my mom, getting frustrated over the silliest thing and realizing that it’s actually something that I’ve let bother me for a while. And my mom said something off hand to me: “take care of yourself, inside and outside.” And I was hit with a guilty conscience, knowing that I’ve been seriously neglecting taking care of myself with regards to cultivating the most important relationship in my life, the one with my Father (my Heavenly one).

There are actually many times where God will call me on my
lack of time spent with him, or even thinking about my life as it relates to serving him, and often this song with pop into my head. My dad gave me one of her CD’s years ago, and I can’t say as I listen to any of it really now, but this song for some reason has stuck with me and has almost become somewhat of a motto in my life. It’s in my journal countless times because it says so simply exactly what I’m feeling. “God, I’ve been neglecting you, and I don’t think I’ve even told you I loved you today! I’m so sorry! I love you and need you. Above all else, you ARE my God, so please be God of my life again today! I surrender my life to you again today.”

There are so many times where I’m so thankful that I cannot
comprehend God’s thoughts and his grace, because for some reason, even though I
mess up again and again, there is mercy and forgiveness. So, I stand in awe of
him today, and ask for a second chance… for the thousandth time.

Prayer Challenge: I selfishly ask you all to pray for
renewal. I have some serious growing up to do spiritually, and somehow I think
we all do in different aspects of our lives. Pray with me for continued grace
and growth so that we can serve Christ in a better way.