It’s a beautiful day!

I’m sitting in Devonian Gardens in downtown Calgary. I think it’s a pretty cool place to go and read or work. And it’s perfect because you can take a break every once and a while and just people watch. It’s interesting to me all the different people that you can see throughout the day at a place like this. When I first arrived, it was about 11:30 in the morning and I was surrounded by the neutral colors of the business world that was taking a break for lunch. Each person is walking with purpose as if once you enter the business world, you are trained to go out into the rest of the world with the determined face of someone who obviously is busy with life and has all the answers to what is needed to be successful. (Side note, most of these people have interesting choices for their meals, and tend to make their choices on the more unhealthy side.)

Right now, all of the stay at home moms and younger couples are here with their children who are too young to be in school. Each one is absolutely fascinated with the natural world around them and the fish in the pond. It’s so cute to see them toddle around, looking up with wide eyes at the impossibly large trees in this place, or kneel for long periods of time, watching with wonder at the different colors of “fishies” that are swimming in the ponds and fountains all around. I just saw a little boy toddling around with the cutest tiny pants that were held up by their own set of miniature suspenders.

There’s so much to smile at around us, and I think one thing that those suits are missing everyday as they conquer the world, are all of the things that they used to wonder at as children. Actually, not just the suits, but almost everybody who’s reading this in general I think misses this. I know I do.

Kind of like a childlike faith. Hmmm…

Prayer: Enjoy the sun today, or look for something else that’s just absolutely great today, and thank God for the smile it brings!




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