So, I’m going to just be completely honest and a bit vulnerable here. I’m so… [insert word that means stupid, frustrated, sad… etc. here]. I’ve let myself become so complacent. I know this sounds like Christianese, but I don’t have a better word for it. We were doing a worship night and one of the guys on another floor shared for maybe 10 minutes about what following Christ looks like. No, it wasn’t any new information or some kind of revelation to me that God calls us to share the gift we’ve been given with others. What really hit me what how this information was shared. This person who shared, when he talked about eternity for us vs. the billions of people out there who will spend eternity elsewhere because they weren’t told the gospel of Jesus Christ, was broken hearted for these people. These words were spoken with tears.

Wow. That fact was what hit me. When is the last time that I was broken for all of those people out there who don’t know the truth and will have to pay the consequences for that after their short lives are over? When was the last time that I cried for these people? I hate to say this, but I honestly couldn’t tell you. I HATE that. We are all on this earth for such a tiny amount of time compared to the eternity that we GET to spend with Christ, and yet I choose to go with the easy way and shrink from being uncomfortable even for this amount of time.

There’s a song that goes: “You restore every heart that is broken.” While that’s so true and so beautiful, I’m sitting here right now, asking that God will instead restore my heart to it’s brokenness. Because I used to cry for these people. I used to care so deeply about those around me, and now, I don’t.

PR: (me being selfish):would you pray that I wouldn’t make promises, but actually start working towards pleasing my God with my day, thoughts and actions. And that Christ would break me. I want to be broken for these people, because that’s the place where I can serve my God with full humility and love. Also, I would challenge you guys to think about this too. I think it’s a reminder we all need.