Worth it all…

I let go of all I have just to have all of You

And no matter what the cost, I will follow You

Jesus everything I’ve lost, I have found in You

When I finally reach the end I’ll say

You are worth it all – Meredith Andrews

Looking back at the past month and a half, I’ve got to admit something. I’ve wasted a ton of time. No, I don’t mean procrastinating in my school work, although that does happen sometimes. I mean in my active walk with Christ. I am so passionate about what I believe, about the God that I serve, yet my actions don’t really convey those beliefs. We had a night of worship at school tonight and the speaker was talking about our relationship with God being the treasure that we should cherish and give up everything else for, like the parable that Jesus taught in Matt. 13:44. And as we sang this song by Meredith Andrews, I heard God say, “What do you want from Me? You are feeling sorry for yourself, you’re struggling with figuring life out, and while that’s ok, it doesn’t mean that I get placed on the back burner. You are asking for comfortable and that is not even close to what you should be asking for right now. You, Anna, were and are totally worth My giving it all. I adore you. I have so much more for you than the life that you’re living right now. I need to know and I need you to decide: Am I worth it all?”

Yes, there is stuff that is not going my way right now, but, honestly, what have I sacrificed lately? And where has my heart been? I can tell you honestly and truthfully, it hasn’t been on my Savior most of the time. It’s been on me, and all of what I’m feeling and going through. It hit me today that I’m not asking to be stretched. I’m actually asking for comfortable and I wriggle when any mention or suggestion of uncomfortable comes up. So, while I still need to take time to figure out my place and who I am in some ways, that is not going to happen by me sitting here and thinking about it 24/7 and feeling sorry for myself. In all honesty, I’ve been acting really childish in some ways and I know better. I really do.

So, this is my first step. I want a vibrant faith, so I need to let go and I want to respond to Christ and say, ” You are worth it all!”

Prayer Requests: I challenge all of you to think critically of your walk with Christ right now. Because I love Christ with all my heart, but I have let myself become distracted, and I honestly can’t say that I’m willing to give it all for God. Are you? Join with me in seeking Christ with humility and asking for clarity and direction to change.

P.S. Please look up this song by Meredith Andrews: “Worth it all” It’s soo convicting, and I love it! 🙂



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