So this morning, I went to a church in the city with my friend and there was a guest speaker. He’s actually a guy that I met before at game night and so my friends wanted to support him by sitting in the very first row… 🙂 

Anyway, it was really cool, because he challenged us to be content. To be thankful in whatever circumstance that Christ places us in. And after the sermon, he led in a time of quiet and personal reflection and prayer. I was praying and I felt really convicted about how I’ve been feeling. It’s hard to describe. I’m ready to return home, but not ready to say goodbye to everyone. I’m excited to see my family, but dreading the fact that I only have 10 days at home and that time will be full of crazy busyness. However you look at it, though, I have not been content. 

I should be resting in God’s peace and grace, thanking Him for the amazing grace that He has extended upon me this summer, the things that I’ve learned, the people that I’ve met, and for molding me and changing me into someone who is focused on Him instead of myself. I should be looking forward to the time I have at home and thankful for the time that I do have. 

No matter whether I think I need more time, or need something else, God always provides what I truly need. 

So, I’m praying that God will give me peace and continue to allow me contentment. I’m now really excited for this final week here in NOLA and for the following time with family and even beyond, to the start of school!

Prayer Requests: I would challenge you to prayerfully consider whether you are content in your circumstances or not.


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