Dear God…

So… I’ve been reading in Acts because I’m trying to learn all about serving God with a mission’s focus, and this week I’ve been learning a lot about prayer. As I’ve been reading during my quiet time this week, God’s been really making these verses stand out to me.

“They all joined together constantly in prayer…” Acts 1:14

“They devoted themselves… to prayer.” Acts 2:42

These people spent all of their time in constant contact with their Savior. They “devoted” themselves to prayer…unashamedly.


I’m not at all in that type of habit. This week we had a prayer walk and a block party in the city and as a group of us were walking (my first prayer walk), I had a really hard time with praying out loud. I didn’t feel comfortable with the strangers I was with and I wasn’t sure what to do. To be perfectly honest… I was walking along, thinking that I really didn’t like this… at all. I didn’t know what to say when we met people on the road, and if I wasn’t with a group of people, I probably wouldn’t have even made eye contact with people as I walked, praying silently for them.


What kind of hypocrite does that make me? It definitely is not showing others the love of our Savior that I know. I feel really bad about feeling this way. I’ve been given a gift, and given a chance to share it. And I’m acting like this?!?

Something I’m learning is that there are things that God has gifted me in and there are weaknesses that I need to work on. And God’s been placing it on my heart to be in prayer more and spend more time in conversation with Him so that He can teach me better. 🙂

Prayer Requests: … that I would be open and willing to be taught and that I would be able to get out of my comfort zone. Praise for all that God’s already been teaching me, and for all that God is doing down here in NOLA… 🙂

 My room mates: from the left: Carrie, Katie, and Cristy. 🙂


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