1 day…

 1 day left… I cant believe it. Only 1 day1 until I leave for New Orleans. It’s so strange to me that I’m actually leaving and am actually saying goodbye to people… some of them for a long time. A lot of people have been asking me: “Are you crazy pumped?” And I stand there trying to figure out what to say. Because the truth is… I’m not. Oh, I’m glad I’m going and I’m excited to see what God is going to do, but I’m not super excited to be leaving. I actually feel pretty numb right now. And when I do feel something, it’s sadness.

I think it’s because everything has been happening so fast. I mean I graduated and then left the very next morning for a mini vacation at the beach with my family and then since I’ve been back, I’ve been packing. (Hence the picture). I don’t feel old enough to be a senior let alone a graduated one. I don’t feel excited about leaving my friends and family behind.

It’s strange, knowing that there are things so important to me like the worship and drama team that I’m gonna miss so much because I can never really be a part of them again. And yeah, there will be new friends and involvements, but I’m sad that this chapter in my life has ended. And the stupid thing is… I can’t cry. Not really. This morning I dropped off my mom at work and she said something about everybody leaving her jokingly, and I started tearing up. That was one of the only times. I’m that type of person who would rather cry and get it over with than hold all of that emotion in.

Anyway, enough of the weirdness… I’m leaving tomorrow morning… EARLY… And I start this new adventure! Praise God!


Prayer: Praise that God made all of my support come in! Crazy talk! 😀

Please pray that God will give me a peace and help me not to be homesick but just in the adventure that He’s placed me, ready to learn and serve and grow.


Next post will be from New Orleans!

P.S. My sister and I spent forever packing and repacking my suitcase. It’s kinda crazy!


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