So I was watching this, and it hit me: who is part of my legacy? Is anyone part of my legacy? I’m not trying to be all serious here… well I guess in a way I am. It’s a question that my youth pastor has asked before, yet sometimes things hit me at weird moments. Anyway, the point is, who am I pouring into? Who would look back after twenty years and say “I’m part of her legacy.”

See the thing is, it’s so easy to blend in, to just go with the flow. To turn a blind eye to people who are hurting, to only see what is convenient to see. I’m afraid to stand out in the crowd, so I don’t look for people around me to overflow into. It’s just easier that way. Or it seems to be. Because even though it doesn’t take much effort to do nothing, it leaves me miserable. I wasn’t made to just sit and watch the world go by. I was made to use my gifts for the glory of my Creator. And when I don’t do what I am made for, I’m pretty much like a car that just sits in a driveway and rusts over the years. That’s  my legacy right now. And I’m not ok with that.

I was reading through one of my old journals tonight and about a year and a half ago, I wrote:

    It’s so easy to be afraid: Afraid of the consequences, stupid and silly to be following and believing in someOne I can’t see. God, please help me to not be afraid to tell the world of you… It’s so easy to be like the world and blend in, when we should be standing up and standing out for You. We should be glad to stick out in the crowd.”

 I want to leave a legacy. A good one.  Want to be the person who people remember as being an example and a person to be trusted and relied upon.

Who is your legacy? Can you say that you are leaving a good one?